New Items In Our Liquor Store

Now available at our Lake Delton store.


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LaCrosse Distilling

La Crosse Distillery 750ml Vodka $23.99, Gin $29.99, Light Rye $28.99, Rock & Rye $28.99, Barrel Strength 39.99.

Smirnoff Pink Lemonade

Triple distilled, tart and sweet combination of juicy lemon flavor with hints of raspberry and strawberry. 750ml $12.99

Kinky Fruit Punch

Kinky Fruit Punch is a juicy fusion of cherry, pineapple & orange. 750ml $21.99

Old Elk Whiskey

Single Barrel exclusive to Pierce’s. Available at Pierce’s Market, Pierce’s West Express and Liquor Expo $69.99

Bailey's Colada

Baileys Pina Colada – There is no better way to shake up your tropical tastebuds this summer. 750ml $31.99

Ballyhoo Irish

This easy-drinking whiskey has a straw hue, mild vanilla aroma and feather-light feel on the palate. 750 ml $28.99

Limousine Rye

Dancing Goat Limousin Rye Cask Strength made in Cambridge, WI. 750 ml $64.99

Hillsboro Beer

Hillsboro Beer Now In Stock – Just The Tail, Joe’s Beer, & Don’t Sweat It

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole 750 ml: Cavehill $66.99 • Heigold $ 76.99 • Dareringer $ 87.99 • Boxergrail • 55.99


Doundrins Distilling: Cherry Rum, Maple Syrup Liqueur, Honey liqueur 750 ml $25.99