New Items In Our Liquor Store

Now available at our Lake Delton store.


Have an item you would like to see us carry? Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

5 Trails Whiskey

Five Trails blends four thoughtfully sourced whiskeys for a perfectly balanced blended American whiskey.

Crown Royal Cans

All 3 flavors: Whiskey Cola, Washington Apple, & Peach Tea 4pk 13.99

Pata Negra Wine

Pata Negra Sauvignon Blanc, good body and structure 750ml $6.99 (all stores)

Young Blood Beer

New England Pale Ale and Fruit Punch Sour – Young Blood Beer Company Madison, WI.

State Line Distillery

State Line Distillery: Vodka $29.99, Rum and Gin $33.99, London Dry Gin, Aquavit, and Coffee Liqueur $35.99

St Croix Wines

Chateau St. Croix 750ml: White $10.99, Rose $10.99, Red $10.99, Cheesehead $7.99

Number Juan Tequila

Number Juan Tequila 750ml: Blanco $45.99, Repasado $59.99, Extra Anejo $110.99

LaCrosse Distilling

La Crosse Distillery 750ml Vodka $23.99, Gin $29.99, Light Rye $28.99, Rock & Rye $28.99, Barrel Strength 39.99.

Smirnoff Pink Lemonade

Triple distilled, tart and sweet combination of juicy lemon flavor with hints of raspberry and strawberry. 750ml $12.99

Kinky Fruit Punch

Kinky Fruit Punch is a juicy fusion of cherry, pineapple & orange. 750ml $21.99

Old Elk Whiskey

Single Barrel exclusive to Pierce’s. Available at Pierce’s Market, Pierce’s West Express and Liquor Expo $69.99