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Deep selections of liquor, beer, wine, fine cigars and more is what you will find. Our beer departments offer over 600 kinds of domestic, imports, and craft brews. Looking for hard to find items? We continually add new items, and are open to your requests.

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BWP Liquor Expo Dells-Delton Store

What Our Customers Say:

5 Star ReviewThey have a fantastic selection of alcoholic beverages. Came in there looking for a couple different kinds of New Glarus and they had every one I was looking for. It is very well organized and easy to locate what you’re looking for. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I think they carry just about any type of spirit you could want. Will definitely be coming here again next time I’m in the Dell’s.

Josh, Google

5 Star ReviewGreat selection of beer and liquor. They pretty much have everything you could want there! Very nice staff as well. Always our first choice no matter where we are in the Dells! 5 stars!!

Alison, Google

5 Star ReviewWow, us all I can say. When I seen your store from the outside, I thought well it’s just another liquor store, but when I stepped inside, wow! What a selection of craft brews, a whole wall of coolers filled with both domestic and craft brews, reasonably priced for a tourist attraction area such as the Dells. All I can say is that I was impressed, the staff seemed extremely nice and professional, the store clean and well stocked, and the selection amazing. When in the area I will be stopping by again.

Ryan, Facebook

5 Star ReviewExtensive beer selection. Located conveniently in between the resorts it is easy to get to. Average prices and above and beyond average customer service.

Chris, Google


Lake Delton – Dells Liquor Store

Number Juan TequilaNumber Juan Tequila 750ml: Blanco $45.99, Repasado $59.99, Extra Anejo $110.99

La Crosse Distillery La Crosse Distillery 750ml Vodka $23.99, Gin $29.99, Light Rye $28.99, Rock & Rye $28.99, Barrel Strength 39.99.

Smirnoff Pink Lemonade Triple distilled, tart and sweet combination of juicy lemon flavor with hints of raspberry and strawberry. 750ml $12.99

Kinky Fruit PunchKinky Fruit Punch is a juicy fusion of cherry, pineapple & orange. 750ml $21.99

Bailey's Pina ColadaBaileys Pina Colada – There is no better way to shake up your tropical tastebuds this summer. 750ml $31.99

Old Elk Wheat WhiskeySingle Barrel exclusive to Pierce’s. Available at Pierce’s Market, Pierce’s West Express and Liquor Expo $69.99

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We have added distance markers on the floor near our checkouts to show the 6′ safety distance. We will continue to clean handles, door knobs, etc. at least once an hour (more when necessary) and our cashiers clean the pin pads after each use.