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Deep selections of liquor, beer, wine, fine cigars and more is what you will find. Our beer departments offer over 600 kinds of domestic, imports, and craft brews. Looking for hard to find items? We continually add new items, and are open to your requests.

Our locally owned and operated store is here to offer you stellar service and unbelievable choices at a competitive price. Learn more…


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Lake Delton – Dells Liquor Store

Stolen Whiskey

Mature 11-year-old whiskey with a smoky consistency with natural flavors of toasted caramel, dark molasses and smoky chocolate.
750ml –  $39.99

Plantation Rum

Plantation produces rums from several Caribbean countries, encompassing a broad range of styles. The best ones are shipped to France for final maturation.
750ml –  assorted prices

Milk & Honey Liqueur

Made with premium neutral grain spirits, dairy cream, and medjool date honey. Milk & Honey is all natural, smooth, and incredibly delicious.
750ml  – $21.99

Mighty Swell Cocktails

Sparkling cocktails with only 120 calories and 4 g of sugar in Mango, Grapefruit, and Peach flavors. Perfect for the beach, golf or anywhere you want extraordinary taste.
4 pk – $7.99

Lustau Brandy
Luscious date and fig aromas rejoice in engorged fruit and opulent spice, finishing with candied-peel, Sanguinello orange, ripe plums and top-class espresso.
330ml – $33.99

Ozeki Sake has been brewing premium quality sake with the finest locally grown rice and the clear water from the Sierra Nevada in Northern California since 1979.
330ml – $7.99

Stave & Steel Cabernet
Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon aged for four months in charred bourbon soaked barrels results in a refined, full-bodied Cabernet with bold fruit flavors.
750ml – $13.99

Tullamore Dew
Finished in first-fill XO Carribean rum casks previously used to age Demerara rum has notes of “vanilla and oak overlaid with citrus, ripe bananas and delicate spice”.
750ml – $31.99

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What our customers say:

If You Need A Top Shelf Drink For A Good Price This The Place To Come….Lowest Prices Ever & They Have Every & Any Alcohol You Want!!!!

Darrell, Facebook

Great Prices! Good Customer Service & Clean Atmosphere.

Denise, Facebook

Fantastic place for a lot of Wisconsin and regional craft beer. Quite a large selection that’s regularly changing.

Jeremy, Google

They have the biggest selection in Wisconsin dells!! So many beers to choose . And staff is helpful and friendly.

Carlos, Google

Staff was very helpful! Came from out of town and stocked up for our vacation. They were polite and not pushy.

Justin, Google

We were searching for bourbon ale we had in Kentucky and found it here! They have an amazing selection!

Breanna, Google

My go to place when I visit the dells. Great selection of everything!

Damian, Google